Start using CherryTree
I started to using a very cute and useful note taking program called CherryTree

My idea was to start to become more organized and build a kind of library of knowledge for myself. This way, over time, I'll have a single point to go to research things that I want to.

Before that I tried to organize my things into the browser's bookmark system, but the major drawback that I found is, while is very easy to add new things - too easy actually that it becomes really hard to scrutinize what should be added or not - to search things that I added or to review things quickly the experience is very poor.

Actually I started to using Microsoft's OneNote for the task, and while the program itself is very cool, the proprietary nature of it makes me feel jailed into it.

I mean, I can't:

So was clear the One Note was not a place to go for me.

I decide to go for CherryTree instead. It's a FREE SOFTWARE package - which is paramount for me.

The cool things that I've found up to know are:

For now, the experience is being quite smooth. I'm really enjoying it and I truly think that it does what it promises to do so. No more no less.

There's some small bits that I don't quite like, but still, I prefer to continue to use it and check if something that is inherently bad about the software or if is me that isn't understanding the thing itself. So I'll continue to use that and with more experience adn millage talk about in future.

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