6 months in Portugal - Work update
Ya! Today completes the first part of the journey that I'm currently into. This exactly day 6 months ago I was by the first time entering in the Miniclip building to have my first day of work.

It's incredible how I can remember every single detail of that day... The first sofa that I sat, my first contact with Rita and Raquel, how I was amazed to be here, the "company trip" that I had with Ana (an amazing artist that did enter at same day), my first lunch with the Flash Force team at Rui dos Pregos, the jokes that we told there... Yeah, it's kinda amazing to feel that so vivid after so much time.

Came to Portugal wasn't an easy task by no means! It was hard to get noticed by Miniclip, then was a lot of bureaucracy to overcome to get the documents straight, then here was so bad times also, but at the end the good times are so many in comparison and so darn good that brings all problems to a state of almost irrelevance.

I had the opportunity to work in amazing projects, met amazing people and make really, really good friends.

I'm so grateful for everything that I had in this six months, the good, the bad and the ugly, all of that made me be what I'm today. Let the next 6 months start!

Thank you for everything... everyone of you.
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