My sixth talk at Miniclip
🎵 Menina Veneno - Ritchie
This week I did my sixth talk at Miniclip! It was about "move semantics and values categories" in C++.

I'm quite happy with the feedback (which was positive) but yet there're some places that I can really improve, both the presentation and the information presented - And that's a good thing, if you think that you can't improve anymore this is the real danger, because or you're a fool to think that are perfect or didn't grabbed enough feedback.

But what makes me feel very, very happy is the possibility of give this talks to the people there, I mean all Miniclip employees are very, very competent and when they spare some of their time just to see you talking about some subject is very rewarding.

I remember my "early career" back to Microsoft Innovation Center (MicBH) and as Microsoft Student Partner (MSP) and back then I was used to give a lot of talks in a lot of places - Was part of the internship in MicBH and MSP.

So I learned how to really like to share information and be part of the learning of other people. The joy and care that I did put on each of that lectures really help to shape the way that I care about spreading knowledge.

Unfortunately after I quit both MSP and MicBH I never quite had a real opportunity to talk again. I could tried to make this happens but to be honest I wasn't willing to do for real.

So when I entered Miniclip and I heard that if I want I could propose subjects for talks and if they are chosen I could present them, my mind was blown! I really, really want to get back giving talks again.

So there I'm with six months of Miniclip and six talks presented.
Some of them were "lighting talks", somewhat to 15-25 minutes and some of them were normal ones, 1+ hours.

Nevertheless each one of them was special to make, to present, to get feedback, to exchange ideas and everything.

While I don't know yet if I can share them with public - I think that's ok but I'll talk to my manager to be sure - but if everything is ok to share, I'll post all of them here ;D

Yes, I can share them ;D You can find all of them here!
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