My seventh talk at Miniclip
🎵 Монеточка - Я Лиза
Well, I gave another talk at Miniclip! This time was an argument to inline our code to make it more manageable and easier to understand, modify and reason about.

Actually this talk was quite simple to make, I just need to adapt the Carmack's email to the id employees and try to make it reflect our reality here at Miniclip.
It was quite, quite nice! Everybody have an opinion about the code should be and that stuff... the talk generated a lot of heated discussions and a lot of arguments both agreeing and against the original argument!

This was **exactly** what I meant to do when I was thinking about of this talk. I do not want that people follow blindly and even to agree. I want discussion, I want arguments, I want that people really understand the whys and the hows and start to question about some things that are considered "OK" but in really can be quite harmful if you just do without thinking about...

The feedback was **awesome** and I'm quite pleased with the result!

With this talk my count went up to SEVEN TALKS since I came to Portugal!

So here is the links for all of them:
   - **Inline your code** <- The new one ;D

   - Web Optimizations
   - Unit Testing with Catch2
   - Pointers how to use them right
   - Value Categories (Move semantics - Part 1)
   - Move Semantics (Move semantics - Part 2)

I hope that you enjoy!
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