Songs that I'm listening in January 2019
🎵 The Interrupters - "Gave You Everything"
Since I challenge myself to post the music that I'm listening back in november, I caught me very eager to discover new artists, songs, band, etc.
I don't know really why, but I think that since I'm documenting the process I started to really pay attention in what I'm listening.

This is really an amazing experience and really changed my way to listen music. Perhaps this action was one of my greatest decisions, since right now I'm really, really enjoying music in a new - and awesome - way!.

So I had two discoveries for this month. One of them really catch me, in a way that I didn't experienced in a long, long way. The other one was nice as well, but not like the first one ;D

So what I'm listening

This band IS SO INCREDIBLE! I'm felt in love with them!
The sound, the rhythm, the lyrics, the attitude... everything is so nice.

I think that the last time that I was so excited with music that way was back on my late teenager years when I found Rancid, Rise Against an so on...

They really got my heart and man... the lyrics, the lyrics are AMAZING.

I'm listening all the albums, but the songs that I most like are:
   - She's Kerosene
   - Title Holder
   - Got Each Othe
   - Gave You Everything
   - Take Back The Power

Here is the youtube album's streams:
   - Fight the Good Fight
   - The Interrupters
   - Say It Out Loud

I'm really, really excited with them. Better yet is they'll play a concert in UK this year, so is better to me getting things ready, because I really want go to watch them live ;D

Well, I just found them this weekend so I don't have much to say yet.
I really like NO PEACE NO JUSTICE, but didn't had the opportunity to fully explore the other songs :/

Yeah, Interrupters really caught me, but I'll listen Ratboy this week and check if the other songs are good as this one.

Lastly, just to say that I'm really, really happy, with a calmed mind and very eager to learn, live, discover and share more each second that I live.
Really glad to everything that is happening or did happen. I'm the better version of myself yet.

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