Happy New Year
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The new year has begun and with it a set of 365 new opportunities to make a difference in your and everybody's life.

I had the pleasure to spent the New Years Eve with Adeel and Santiago watching the fireworks at Praça do Comercio in Lisbon. It was an amazing experience that I'll carry forever in my heart.

I never saw something quite amazing like that fireworks (they were so close), had such good company and be a such good mood.

It was more than awesome, it was almost perfect - I'm really glad to had this experience at this point of my life. You can check a little bit here!

Jan 01, 2019

But the most amazing thing happened after me and Adeel came home - Santiago left a little bit early!

We had a deep conversation about our goals, our struggles, what is "easy" to achieve and what is very hard to do so. It was amazing since a lot of things were very, very similar between both of us. (We need to remember that me and Adeel have totally different cultures, backgrounds and everything...)

After long hours chatting about that, smoking cigarettes and drinking a nice coffee we decided to help each other in achieve what we decided to achieve this year. So besides to the things that I need to do, I need to be a "role model" for him and vice versa.

I really glad to have Adeel as a friend! I always wanted to have this kind of friendship with someone. A friendship that cares about the other, that help the other grow up, to help the other evolve, to help the other to become a better person.

Oh gosh... yeah my celling knows how I wanted to have something that is constructive towards someone and have this back to me also!

I'm happy ;D
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