I'm going towards freedom
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I'm writing this post about something that happened last friday (Dec 21) and made me extremely happy. I felt - and I'm feeling - so happy and so complete by what happened that I consider that day a pivotal point at my life.

I had some of those moments before - unfortunately I don't have the specific dates - and everytime that something like that happens you know that you are on the right track towards a complete freedom.

Well, what so special happened?
People told me that my "ex-wife" is in a serious relationship.

Yep, this is it. I'm very, very happy about it.

Fortune gave me the opportunity to had the relationship with her before, for a reason it didn't work and we broke. I tried to act with virtue in all of my actions, sometimes I failed, sometimes I excel, but everytime I learned and I improved.

I'm a really better person by the precise fact that we broke like we did. That situation taught me a lot and made me more stoic than before.

So when I knew that I was complete happy, I'm in complete control of my mind on that subject and like Epictetus taught us - a man is free, only when he controls his mind.

By this, I'm completely grateful to her. Without this sequence of events that brought us to here I'm perhaps wouldn't be able to be what I'm right now.

I don't know about you, but be free is the most important thing to be.
Now nothing more can hurt me, only if I let it hurt me! I know that this is only the begging, but I'm going towards the freedom
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