It's incredible how bad it turned to be
My fucking gosh, it's incredible. How people whom one day said I love you to each other can get in a point that them can barely talk to each other.

I mean, what we said in the past was true? Considering that it was, so we can assume that love is a felling that can be destroyed, but if can be destroyed, at some point it stopped to be love at all.

The other possibility is that it never was love at first place, but some kind of passion that disguised itself (because we don't train ourselves to think what love really is) into love.

Either way this is bad, it's not ok at whatsoever to be like that.

Right now I'm almost despise that girl - which is a bad, bad feeling. I know that and I really need to think and concentrate to put this feelings away and have a lot temperance - but what's stronger is that I despise myself much more to had that kind of person at my life.

I don't know... Perhaps I knew that the whole time but lied to myself. There's some point that you need to think about of just let it go. Sometimes there's nothing that you can build, no matter how hard you try to build something that will last.

I wish that I could realize that at the time - Actually I whish that I've heard myself when I felt that it was trouble.

Now I just really want that she to be honest and give me the documentation that will enable my pets to come to Portugal.

Lesson learned...
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