Songs that I'm listening in November 2018 (Part 2)
Like I said in here I would try to capture all the songs that I'm currently listening and the sensations that they brings to me.

This will let me go back in the future and have more context about what I was feeling at this present time and let me understand myself better.

So here is the second part of this November ;D

List of songs

1 - My youtube synthwave_mixes
    STARMADE - A Synthwave Mix
    CONTACT - A Chill Synthwave Mix
    Dystopia - A Synthwave Mix
    SOMNIA - A Synthwave Mix
    Journey - A Synthwave Mix
    Bleed - A Cyberpunk Mix
    Monolith - A Synthwave Mix
    Blade - A Synthwave Mix
    Outrun - A Cyberpunk Mix
    Death Star — A Synthwave Mix
    Night Drive - A Synthwave Mix

2 - FACE TO FACE - It's Not All About You


#1, Well I really get into Synthwave and I'm loving it. This kind of music really keeps me focused on what I'm tyring to focus at the moment and really don't distract me!

It's a blessing to work listening those playlists ;D

#2, Before I was listening this song thing in another person, but since last week or so I really rethought its meaning and now I really believe that it fits to me as a glove - Which is unfortunate as hell, and I need to do something about it.
Unfortunately I got distracted and deviated from my path - at least the path that I want to follow - so now I'm currently thinking about it and checking what made me do that and how I can improve to get back in the way that I want to do things.
This kinda sucks, but I'm sure that I'll get back, I need to analyze, scrutinize and then improve myself. Better now than later and better know that I'm wrong in some aspect than live in the ignorance forever.

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