Songs that I'm listening in November 2018
Well, yesterday I missed home a lot... Well don't quite home but some parts of my old life in Brazil - It's already 6 months that I'm here in Portugal.

So I decided to check my old youtube playlist and see what was there! I can say a lot of things, but for make it short, I can state that was a pleasing experience.

I could almost feel the scent of some places, or feel taste in my mouth of some things. It was really a trip inside myself, inside my past, inside what I was and what I'm becoming here!

Unfortunately, I couldn't exactly pin-point what was the exact "date / time" that I listened all of those songs. I had a rough idea when, but I can't say what I was listening in, let's say, May of 2017 for the sake.

My idea...

So now, every time that I realize that I'm listening something new and/or anytime that a month goes by I'll make a short list of what I'm listening to and try to make really short notes about the feeling of that song.

This way I hope that in the future I can search back and really got the "precise" time and feel that I had at the first place...

Here is what I'm listening now ;D

List of songs

1 - FACE TO FACE - It's Not All About You
2 - FACE TO FACE - Double Crossed
3 - FACE TO FACE - Say What You Want
4 - SPACE TRIP II [ Chillwave - Synthwave - Retrowave Mix ]
5 - Electric Octopus - Driving Under The Influence Of Jams
6 - Son Lux - "Easy"
7 - Taylor Swift - I Knew You Were Trouble


#1, #2, #3 - Are almost the same feel to me, Face to Face is a band that I like since I was 16 years old, so I have a history of a lot of good moments and a lot of bad moments with them as my "soundtrack".
Today I mostly hear them because the strength that those musics give to me! So every time that I feel a bit down by the stuff that happened in the previous months I hear one (or all the three) and in no time this makes me feel good again!

#4 - Oh that synthwave mix... That's really awesome! Really, really, really!
I have no words to describe how good I feel with that mix! It was the first contact that I have with "synthwave" and it happened in a moment of my life that everything looked gorgeous!

I had been contracted by Miniclip, so I had 5 or so months left in Brazil and then I moved to live with my mother at her house. I was living with my pets (which I miss so much), with (back then) my "almost" wife (what a shame...) and enjoying the life so much.
I was really a good time and I'm very glad to had those experience!

So every time that I feel some homesickness I listen that mix! At the beginning was kinda harsh because what happened with my relationship, but that quickly disappeared in contrast with all of other good moments!

#5 - This is a nice example for why I'm doing this... I remember some key moments of life that I was listening to this album, but I don't quite remember when was the first time that I heard this band...
Anyways, back then in Brazil the people that I had contact at time didn't appreciate this album very much - like the synthwave stuff that I presented to them - but here in Portugal I had f*ck*ng good times with that soundtrack.

I think that is safe to say, that I had pretty amazing trips with people that I really enjoy to stay close while this album took us to a next level!

Amazing times for sure, amazing album as well!

#6 - Almost the same, I don't quite remember when I heard this for the first time... And to be honest I don't quite have much memories with this music, but it's awesome and makes me feel very relaxed at end of the night!

Kinda depressing song for sure, but still something very valuable to make my mood fluctuates like I want to!

#7 - Well, what can I say? Myself listening to Taylor Swift?
HELL YEAH! I mean, I don't quite know her other songs, but this one was the beginning of one of the most amazing experience that I had to the present day!

It was just the begging of the night I was like that!

That day was a truly special day for me, as I could make my old life and my new life merge together into a single "thing"... It was amazing, the people, the places, the music, the clubs, the food, the beer, the cigarettes, the wind... well everything was so nice that night that I'm (and I'll be) glad to had the opportunity to experience something like that!

So now, Taylor Swift is forever into my playlist ;D

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