Estoy en EspaƱa (Part 2)
Today is being a quite nice trip!! Well, somethings went wrong but even so I think that everything is quite ok.

What made us kinda concerned at the afternoon was that the airbnb host just canceled our reservation and we couldn't find other one at the same price range for the same days as the first one.

So we were without a place to stay, trying a lot to find a hostel or anything like that and the time was ticking... Kinda funny right now, but at the time was very annoying.

Fortunately we were able to book a hotel room for 2 days, the bad part is that we gonna spend 20euros more each, just by that...
20 euros that would be much better spent in... beer for the sake ;D

Anyways, it's being quite nice and I'm really glad for everything!
It's being an amazing journey until now!

To be continued...
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