Estoy en EspaƱa
YA! Can you believe it? I'm at Spain with Daniel and Livia and we're heading to Albacete to join the RetroAlba retro-computing convention tomorrow.

I know that this sounds silly, but anyways for me it's quite an achievement. This is the first trip that I do outside Brazil by myself!
I mean, I went to Portugal but this was a "Miniclip thing"... of course it was really nice but I'll consider this trip as my very first one from my own.

It's being quite amazing actually! Daniel and Livia are really nice people and I really like to stay with them ;D We're doing great up to now, besides our best efforts to speak spanish, it's being easier to get stuff done in english ;DDDD

We're at Madrid right now, at a nice coffee shop near the train station... just chilling a bit and killing time until the train to Albacete is ready!

I'm quite, quite happy!

Let's continue this adventure and check how nice it will be!

To be continued...
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