I'm having an amazing life
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Well, so finally that The Smiths song "So for once in my life, let me get what I want" is true for me...
I'm having a wonderful, amazing, fulfilling and joyful experience

I'm doing fine at work - Like everything in life it can be improved, but it's nice - my personal life is quite stable, I have the friends that I ever wanted to have and I'm hearing music even when I ain't wearing earphones.

I'm learning so much, each and every day with a lot of people and this is amazing. Every night I go to bed with something that is completely new to me. Every night I go to bed knowing that I did my best to let people around me happy - and achieving this as well most of the time.

I'm the best version of my self - but there's so many things to improve, there's so many things to learn, to share, to live, to experience, to enjoy.

Life is beautiful for me right now, I want to help the other people have beautiful life as well.

I'm fucking happy and I think that the things that I left behind was just to open space to me embrace the new things!

All this music, all this senses, all this tastes, all this ideas, all this challenges, all this people, all this places! I'm glad to live right now!

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