Game Boy Adventures

Jun 26, 2020


I always have being a very big fan of the Nintendo's Game Boy system. When I was young me and my brother got one for christmas from dad and it was more the awesome ;D

I can almost remember as if was today, we went for a neighbor town, close to our city - because our city didn't have big stores that sell those kinda things back then - and got a clear purple Game Boy Color with Pokemon Gold.

It felt sweet and it was AMAZING to have that system. I played a lot of Pokemon, but I think that my favorite game was Mario Tennis.

El Jamon Volador

When I was in Portugal, me and my friend monty and Livia attended a retro conference in the lovely city of Lourinhã, when I had the opportunity to buy an Game Boy Advanced SP for a very, very good price.

Back then I was excited with the device again and decided to start to learn how to program to the platform. Since I had no experience programming for it I thought that a simple game would be the best way to get the speed on the development and decided to create a small flappy bird clone!

This is the way that El Jamon Volador was born.

While developing it was really nice, the game is really, really simple. It reached my expectations - of course things always can be better - but I think that I finished a funny game for the constraints that I have back then.

Next Games?

Almost 9 months passed since I made the El Jamon Volador, and a lot of things happened meanwhile - I think that the most big ones are:

But now I think that too much time has passed, and I'm really, really eager to develop something to Game Boy again. I'm already thinking in some game ideas to create and have some key points in mind:

After that?

Well for now I'm planning to make 2 game with the "specs" that I described above - I'll try to make a post just about it later - and after I finished them stop for a while to write down and document about what I learned in the process - So other people can benefit from it as well.

After that I really don't quite know. I know that I want to continue creating games for this system - but there's a lot of other ones that I have interest as well, like the NES and the Genesis.

Let's do one step at time, iterate quickly and course correct on the way!

Let's have fun...


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