Hi I'm Mateus "stdmatt" Mesquita. I'm currently living in Minsk, Belarus but I came from a lovely small city in Brazil called Santa Rita do SapucaĆ­.

I was a C++ programer at Minclip Lisbon, while there I had the opportunity to working in such amazing projects like:

Previously I helped make games like:

Still, I also released some small games by my own like:

And in 2018 I was a co-creator (together with Monty) of the The Mistral Report.
This is a 1st person stealth dungeon crawler for MSDOS that won the Retro Zaragozza 2018 ;D

Well, there a lot of stuff that I'd made!
If you want you can check all of them in the GAMES or PROJECTS section.

You can take a look at my RESUME, check my code at gitlab find me at linkedin or contacts or perhaps read my blog.

It's nice to see you here!
I hope that you enjoy ;D